Mootori komplekt 125cc, pikk 835mm rihm, trummelpidur tagumine - GY6 125/150ccm 152Q/157MI

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Exclusive dealer product. This item can only be purchased from one of our official dealerships.
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Complete replacement engine for 125cc GY6 4-stroke 152QMI engines with a long block and rear disc brake. Long block models take an 835mm v-belt. The engine length can be determined by the distance from the crank (variator) to the gearbox input shaft (clutch bell). This distance is approx. 28cm on the replacement engine. This replacement engine is complete with all the drive parts, alternator, starter motor etc. There can be differences in the gearbox output shaft (the shaft that the rear wheel mounts to). A short shaft is used on vehicles with a rear shock, the longer shaft with vehicles with 2 rear shocks. This motor is fitted with a long gearbox output shaft. If the shorter version is required, it can easily be removed from the original engine. IMPORTANT!
IMPORTANT: check engine and gearbox oil levels after installation. Owing to the quality of oil used by Chinese manufacturers, we recommend changing the oil after a 50km run-in period. Valve play should be carefully monitored. Both valves should be set within 0.08mm. All in all, this engine offers a low-cost alternative to time-consuming and expensive repairs.

Delivery currently as shown in product photo 2 with kick starter and air filter.

Ribakood EAN134250362416209
Tootja101 OCTANE
Tarnija tootekoodGY15481
Outlet, lõpumüükEi
Tarneaeg4-5 tööpäeva
KampaaniadMotosõbra soodustus
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Arvustatav toode:Mootori komplekt 125cc, pikk 835mm rihm, trummelpidur tagumine - GY6 125/150ccm 152Q/157MI
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