Biketronics Inc. was formed in 2001 by daily riding engineer Mike Meehan. Mike is a long-time practicing electrical engineer specializing in reliable circuit design and quality engineering.

Biketronics product offering is focused on Harley-Davidson™ motorcycle electronics, including lighting, audio, harness and turn signal control as well as engine control applications. Biketronics quickly became a leader in lighting control by solving the so-called load equalizer problem with its microprocessor-based plug-in SmartEqualizer. Several major aftermarket lighting companies have adopted Biketronics modules as their standard for quality and value.

Other innovations include packing amazing capacity and capability into unusually small, automotive quality packages, perfect for motorcycle applications. Plug-N-Play simplicity is a goal in every product. Designs are engineered and produced in the United States using modern design-for-reliability methods. All products are electronic.  Module electronics are cast in mil-spec epoxy for weather tight deployment.


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