The Camso brand comes from the union of two companies that combined their expertise, vision and beliefs into a single brand.

Camoplast was born in 1982 first started in the development of enhanced snowmobile tracks. A knowledge that has been leveraged over the past twenty years to also develop ATV and UTV track systems, construction tracks, and agricultural tracks and track systems.

Solideal started to manufacture solid tires in Sri Lanka in 1984, with a vision to produce tires close to the source of raw materials and bring to market solid tires that provide a better solution for the usage forklifts face every day.

In 2010, both companies joined to create one team: Camoplast Solideal.

In 2015, Camso was officially launched and has since been a leading brand across numerous off-road industries for its tires, rubber tracks, track systems, and wheels.


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