Golan Products first started manufacturing filters in 1994 after a decade of being a contract manufacturer for the US defense department. Our first filter for the general market was the TRAP Radiator Filter which worked great on most combustion engines, but was not acceptable and rejected by the radiator manufacturers in the 90’s.

During a sales pitch for the TRAP Radiator filter at K&N Engineering’s facility in Riverside, California we met with then president of K&N, the great legend, Nate Shelton.

We’d discussed the option of selling the TRAP under K&N’s label, however, although Nate liked the idea, he had no interest in it, because he knew there would be a problem selling it.

Nate hinted, “if you ever develop a fuel filter, come see us again.” Before even stepping out of the door my mind was racing to develop a fuel filter.



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