The Classic Accessories story is nothing short of remarkable. Back in 1984, Jacob Engelstein introduced his patented leather steering wheel cover to the world with a single goal: to provide luxury quality at a retail price. From their tiny basement in Seattle, Jacob, his wife Barb, and a handful of others began to build their empire from the ground up. It didn't take long for people to notice the quality of Classic Accessories leather steering wheel covers, and the product quickly became a fixture at auto shows across the country.

Although they've moved out of the family basement, Classic Accessories still relishes in the kind of industry changing innovation that made the brand famous. Since 1994 they've developed a full line of accessories to serve the needs of today's campers, fishers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Before Classic Accessories, RVs and Campers were in desperate need of high-quality protection for their gear. That all changed with the development of the Classic Accessories RV Cover, and the company is now one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Classic Accessories continues to expand to this day, and their camping and outdoors line now includes the Classic Accessories Deluxe PolyPro III Folding Trailer Cover, the 300 Toy Hauler Cover, and covers for a variety of RV steering wheels and windshields. The company's seemingly endless vision also produced a full line of ATV covers, as well as a wide selection of boat covers and accessories.

Today there are over 500 products that feature the Classic Accessories name, and each one is designed in-house by Jacob and his team of 60 employees to ensure only the highest quality and craftsmanship. Whether you need to cover an RV, boat, or steering wheel, Classic Accessories offers the protection you need.


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